Wedding Photographers In Santorini, and three Tips to find a reall one

Why should I choose a professional photographer fo my wedding?

Because disaster is sometimes nearby!!!

Making a  living and supporting  my family for almost 13 years by  working for magazines, advertising companies , hotels  and couples isn’t so easy  but I live my dream and I feel lucky and since we moved in Imerovigli in Santorini in 2010 I feel blessed.

When people ask about who is the best photographer for my wedding ( I am is the answer of course , so don’t ask that ) , where is the best place , if they should go to a wedding planner and  if I need professional videographer or makeup artist etc I have only one answer :  Find a pro!

Why?  Because professionals should do the work and couples should enjoy the moments and that doesn’t mean that you need to spend a fortune to make it real.

In Santorini -and worldwide I guess, there are people who are not professionals, claiming they are, and use pictures and texts from other professionals who do what they promise.

The difference is that results are not even close to the photos that you can see in their websites and that really hurts people’s feelings who travelled to be in the best place of the Aegean Sea and Greece and not having what they came for.

So choose not only by a few photos that you see. Ask about who will be there on your wedding day for you  and get what you must have as a lifetime memory  by the quality of the final pictures and not by the numbers of frames you get in a cd.

Tip 1.       REAL PROFESSIONALS NEVER AND FOR NO REASON GIVE RAW FILES without the photoshop work they should do and because that is a lot of work for people who know how to do this.

Tip 2.        Professionals pay taxes and they let you know about it -worldwide.

Tip 3.       Never choose websites with only demo photoshoots.  You can tell that if you see only a great bride who is a model maybe at a great spot and you see nothing else no Groom no ceremony etc. Choose photographers who also show real people like you and people around you… Unless you are a model looking couple and you live in model land and in that case please call me first!

Tip 4.       There are no stupid questions, so please disturb and ask.

These are a few thoughts I wanted to share from my experience with any person who is about to get married in Santorini , or everywhere else and please post your comments.

Giorgos Z. Ventouris