Our first cover page of 2013, in Kathimerini newspaper this Sunday!!

Being a photojournalist is a trip that never ends! At least if you like telling stories!
Thats what many of the photojournalism tribe say and for me is also true!

Since I started travelling for Imako Media and Golden List hotels Catalogue for 6 years untill the publication stopped, I was always collecting pictures but not
the ones that were on the first line of the news but more in my style, that will be brought to the light soon I hope!
I enjoy pictures that wish to say somethnig but not to scream theyre meaning of existance!

So back to the roots, I have decided to join again the family of the Eurokinissi Photo Press Agency, the biggest freelance news photo agency of Athens, that I have been working from 1998 till 2000 as a staff photojournalist and now we are happy to bring Santorini in the cover page of the Sunday Kathimerini news paper!

The photo is a part of a small story about the begining of the new touristic season of Greece!

I saw it accidentaly on the news stand and wanted to share!

And here is the link!