André Kertész , 1931. Proof of love from a Master of Photography.

André Kertész, is one the most known and with a great influence to the Art of photography.

For me is one of my favourite photographers of all time and although he is classic artist he is also modern.

I really love studying or simply looking at his work and reading about his life.

So his influense to me is very deep.

Sometimes when I photograph people I try to touch a little of his work and this is a photograph  I wanted to share with people who didn’t know about him but have emotinons of love inside of them.

                                          ”    I took the photo of Elizabeth and myself in the early 1930s.

Of course, we also took a picture of the two of us together, but this is the one I like—just her and my hand. At the time I had a little self-timing device and I used it so I could get into the picture. I had found it in 1914 in Hungary and I still have it.

– André Kertész, Kertész on Kertész