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Born and raised in Athens,   but spent all the summer holidays  under the Cycladic sun of Kimolos island.  I love art and I have studied photography in Athens at the  European School of Photography.  I work as a pationate freelance professional photographer / photojournalist since 1998.  I have participated in a number of exhibitions and pieces of my work are in two museums in Europe ( Denmark and Greece )
We moved with my wife Violetta to Santorini since 2010 and now my sea coloured eyes daughter  is raised under the same sun!  My clients are Hotels all around Greece,  Magazines,  companies etc and  also people who like my style of photos and need to be photographed.

* For more  info you can  visit  www.gventouris.com


Ps.  Crisis or not we love what we do, and here is or home,

and  you are really welcome!